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Delegation is the best management practice when it comes to managing a wedding, failing which you may end up wasting you hard earned money for things that may not be of much importance. Ideal Caterers comes to you as a good friend and a guide in helping you manage a great wedding and reducing cost at the same time, by spending wisely.

Our services include:
Stage setting
Chairs and table with covering
Invitation designing & thank you card handling
Invitation handling [posting & handling, emailing, RSVP servicing, SMS reminders, emailing]
Guest management services [travel arrangement of guest, hotel bookings, bus booking, food arrangement on route and similar]
Music orchestra
Magic shows
Life size cartoons like Benten, Tom and Jerry etc.
Water on call
Plumbers, carpenters, electricians 24* 7

During the busy hours of a wedding and its preceding days, getting down to cooking each meal for your special guests is a cause of constant worry as well as a tedious task. Moreover, the hassle of cleaning up your kitchen becomes a greater hassle and a time consuming affair. So we suggest that you use this time to attend to the more important aspects of the wedding while we take care of the food and beverage. All of you have to do is set the menu and place the order with us and you can be rest assured that the food will be delivered on time and at an economical rate.

At Ideal Caterers we have an honest pricing policy. We ensure that we do not over-charge our customers. With Ideal, you can be rest assured that you get the finest value for money and not to forget the outstanding quality that comes with it. We would like to be known as the 'best value for money caterer' in Kerala.

If you would like to have a theme for your wedding, if you want to make it truly special by doing something that’s very creative, then our ideas are unlimited. Just give us a call, and we will make your wedding a unique event.

Some of the themed weddings that we do are: Retro, English and Western, Rajasthani, South Indian wedding, Achayan etc.

For Eg: For a South Indian themed wedding, the whole wedding is set on the backdrop of South Indian food and culture. This could be anything from suggesting south Indian attire as the dress code on the invitation cards to serving typical south Indian food, be it chettinad chicken roast, dosa and chutney or appam and stew. The list is endless. Our bearers and service staff will also be dressed in typical south Indian attire.

Ideal Caterers presents to you a complete range of high quality packed food solutions specially designed for corporate training programmes, company treats, farewell parties, group tours and similar other occasion. Ideal Caterers provides a wide variety of ‘long shelf life’ food, in packets that is similar to what you would get in an airline catering service.

Hospitals, IT parks and other similar institutions would need experience and expertise to run and operate commercial canteen as per ISO 22000 Modules. We provide complete expertise on commercial kitchen operations on BOT or Leasing basis.

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